Positive Mind Yoga Towel Duo Pack


  • It is the largest towel on the market (175 x 95 cm)
  • It absorbs more water.
  • It dries much faster.
  • It takes up much less space..
  • Weight less
  • Does not hold sand
  • It is more hygienic (anti-mites and microbes
  • Made of 100% recyclable material
  • It respects the regulations of water treatment in its manufacture

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Towel with an antibacterial finish, maximum absorption and lightweight (less than 200g), minimum space in your bag, you can wash (max. 40°C) and machine dry it. 100% made in Barcelona.

This towel wants to travel the world, go to the beach, the mountain, to travel, climb up, climb down, jump, explore. If you’re just going to leave it locked up in your wardrobe, then you’d better think twice.
Positive Mind Yoga Towel Duo Pack

Brand: Bubel