Cobra 10,3mm Rope


A robust, abrasion-resistant single rope that represents great value for money.

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Cobra 10,3mm Rope
3D Lap Coil
The new Edelrid 3D Lap Coil technique makes uncoiling the rope for the first time unnecessary. Edelrid extended their production site with a brand new lap coiling machine that specially winds up their ropes. In combination with the thought-out design of the packaging provided with every Edelrid rope, it has now become super easy to instantly start your climb using your new rope – You do not have to do more than pulling it out. The marking on the rope as well as a detailed description on the packaging additionally ensure that you do things right and can use the full potential of the rope without annoying twisting and tangling.

Thermo Shield
Thermo Shield is the standard treatment that Edelrid applies to all their ropes. The thermal stabilizing process ensures that the core and sheath yarns are perfectly balanced. A special heat treatment cure first relaxes then shrinks the rope’s fibers. This harmonizes the gliding characteristics of the yarns inside the rope and ensures that it remains compact and supple throughout its life. It also ensures that the rope does not shrink or becomes stiff.


comfortable handling thanks to Thermo shield treatment
Can be used directly without creating tangles thanks to 3D lapcoiling


Coats: 36 %


Rope thickness: 10.3 mm
Rope length: 60 m
Rope weight: 4080 g
Static rope elasticity: 8 %
Dynamic rope elasticity: 33 %
Brand: Edelrid