Tarantulace Woman Climbing Shoes


Multipurpose shoe ideal for those approaching to the world of climbing and for use in gyms. Quick release lacing fast and functional. Neutral shape suitable for all types of foot. Excellent volume regulation.

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Aesthetic update of Tarantulace, a multipurpose shoe ideal for climbers approaching the world of climbing and for use in gyms. Fast and functional quick-release lacing. Neutral shape suitable for all foot types. Excellent volume regulation. The extra thick FriXion® Black 4mm sole guarantees durability over time. The sweat absorbing tongue is designed for prolonged indoor use. The lacing system with laces allows a perfect and personalized adjustment of volumes. Ideal for those who are just starting to climb.


+ FriXion® Black 4mm sole for maximum durability
+ Sweat resistant tongue made of two overlapping parts: facilitates the fit and avoids the formation of creases
+ Cross strap closure that contributes to the structure of the shoe


Upper: Suede calfskin, tubular construction
Lining: Rear none, front Pacific (sweat absorbing insert)
Sole: FriXion® Black 4mm


Weight: 210 (half pair)

Brand: La Sportiva